Local boys and girls who deserve special attention.

Francis Center offers a variety of programs for local children who enjoy the personal care we provide. Here, in a safe environment supervised by caring adults, they not only receive the help they need to supplement their education, but also the social skills they require to become happy, well-adjusted members of their community.

While many programs, such as our babysitting classes, are voluntary, others require the recommendation of teachers and educators. Candidates for our after school program are suggested to us by local schools, and we reach out to the parents to enroll their children in the program. We are very grateful for the cooperation of the local schools who identify those grade 2 and grade 3 children who they believe will most benefit from out attention.

We consider our facility a safe haven for children should they ever need the intervention or counsel of an adult. We know that many in our community are dealing with very adult issues despite their young age, and it is our sincere hope that they know we can be trusted to help them in whatever difficult circumstances they find themselves. 

Their Words

Our children speak for themselves:

Cause I like to read. - Alexandra
I like a lot of things we do. I like what we do every single day. - Caleb
Sometimes we have Kindness Club and we talk about kindness. I like the games too. - Elias
I like it here because it's fun when I work with helpers. - Gabriella
Francis Center helps me do my homework. It focuses me. - Riley
I like playing games and reading with the bear. - Zack
I like seeing all my friends here. - Kennedi
I like to read because the stories tell you a lot of information. - Trenton
I like working here because it my favorite thing. -Lanerra
The teachers help my with my folder and my homework. - Anastasia
I like the Francis Center because the teachers help me with my math. - Ciana